torstai 19. marraskuuta 2015


My name is Nino Saikkonen.

I am a passionate dancer, hiphophead, music lover and interested in many other things.
I like cool people, open-minded people, funny people and people with attitude.
Attitude is the key to everything.
My life philosophy is that when you do things that you love, you will enjoy your life.
I had a dog.. it died.
I describe myself as a creative genius, violent leader and a gift to humankind.

Random things you didn't know about me:

My favourite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio (Leo is the man)
My favourite artist at the moment is J. Cole (big inspiration)
I like to keep in shape (the key to feeling good, comes from your body)
I respect smart people
I love beautiful women
I love my mom
I love my friends
I love my macbook
I love food
I love myself

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